Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure Press Kit

By Pixel Wizards

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Fact Sheet

  • Name: Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure
  • Developer / Publisher: Pixel Wizards
  • Release date: PC on March 8th, 2018 // Mac on June 13th, 2018
  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • Availability: Digital download
  • Price: 19,99€ (19,99USD)
  • Genre: Strategy, Turn-based, Chess
  • Modes: Solo Campaign, Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer (Steam friends)
  • Press contact:
  • Website:
  • Social: Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Twitch

Game description

Chessaria delivers for the first time ever, classic Chess combat backed with an epic fantasy quest. Challenge your tactical skills as you battle against computer opponents for the future of Chessaria.
Experience a strategy game with tactical depth, breadth, and challenge like nothing you have played before: an original combination of Chess, tactical setups and story-based missions.

Chessaria is a fantasy game that combines Chess battles and story-based missions. With it’s unique 2800+ ELO Chess Engine developed by PhD Enrique S. Acosta, Chessaria is an innovative new take on the genre brought by its engine and multiple game modes: Solo Campaign, Online Multiplayer, Local Quick Games vs friends or A.I.

Successfully funded on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in late 2016 by reaching 107% of its original goal, Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure obtained the distribution validation by the Steam community (Greenlight) in 10 days only, proving the gamers’ keen interest for the concept.

Game features

  • Tactical combats Gamers will take the lead of an heroic alliance of High Elves fighting to save their world in fast-paced tactical battles. The six main characters are directly inspired by the chess pieces (the King, the Queen, the Rook, the Bishop, the Knight and the Pawn), and will face legions of Orcs and Dark Elves, but also legendary and evil creatures in tactical boss fights, which brings a new dimension to chess video games.
  • An epic story Unlike any other chess game, Chessaria offers a compelling story and a rich universe: a thousand years ago, the mighty High Elves had to leave their desolated homeland, and reached the shores of Chessaria after many weeks at sea. They witnessed the ongoing slaughter of the Fairy Civilization, the historical inhabitants of Chessaria, committed by the northerner Orcs, seeking expansion. King Kasparian, leader of the High Elves, decided to intervene, and defeated the oppressors. After the victory, they settled down in Chessaria, and built the great city of Silveran. Our story begins when after centuries of prosperity, a sudden attack perpetrated by a giant fire dragon brings chaos and destruction over the kingdom. Six heroes, lead by King Kasparian, will embark on an epic journey in the land of Chessaria and beyond to seek revenge and restore peace.
  • Cutting edge AI Chessaria benefits from a Cutting Edge AI, ALFIL CHESS, created by renowned computer scientist and chess expert (PhD) Enrique Sanchez Acosta, with an ELO score of 2800+ and exclusive features for Chessaria. This human-like AI will challenge even the most brilliant strategists, and enables tactical missions never seen before in a chess game: assassination (neutralize specific targets on the board), domination, infiltration, and much more!
  • Be enchanted Chessaria offers a rich visual universe, with various magical regions to explore. The environments are all in 4K with PBR textures, and the game also features advanced character animations. To reinforce the immersion, an epic soundtrack was exclusively composed by British artist Ben Rawles.

Studio presentation

Pixel Wizards is a video game studio based in Paris & L.A .and founded in 2016 by Matthieu Baldy and Sevan Kessissian . The people behind the company are a team of passionate game professionals who want to bring something new to the industry. Over twenty people, mostly based in europe, contributed to the creation of Pixel Wizard’s first game Chessaria: The Tactical Adventure.

Chessaria in the Press

Chessaria could be the deep, tactical, story-based Battle Chess successor you’ve been waiting for”