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March 2018 – Launch trailer revealed!

Chessaria will launch on March 8th on Steam and we are celebrating this upcoming release with a new launch trailer: Chessaria: The fantasy game that combines Chess battles and a story-based mission system! Join the battle for Chessaria, and claim back your kingdom! The game will be available on Steam on March 8th! Join our […]

29th August 2017 – New trailer is out!

Pixel Wizards is proud to present the official trailer for Chessaria: the Tactical Adventure! Chessaria: the Tactical Adventure is a turn-based strategy game, which combines an epic adventure and the strategic intensity of chess. The game takes place in the land of Chessaria, a peaceful fantasy world filled with Elves and magic. But after a […]

April 2017 – Enrique Sanchez Acosta partners with us on AI!

Pixel Wizards is proud to announce that the renowned computer scientist and chess expert Enrique Sanchez Acosta partners with Chessaria’s team. Enrique is the creator of the cutting edge Alfil Chess engine (ELO 28xx). Thanks to him and our technical team work, players of Chessaria will have access to an AI never seen in any […]

March 2017 – David Bilemdjian joins the team!

Pixel Wizards is growing! We are happy to announce that David Bilemdjian is joining the team as CTO. David has been working in the video game industry for more than ten years, and he is also the head teacher of the Programming class at ISART Paris (video games school). Thanks to his great experience and […]